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Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 14

We are racing towards the end of The Return at tremendous speed but are things beginning to make sense or are we being lulled into a false sense of understanding? In Part 14 the FBI begins making moves towards the real Agent Cooper whilst The Fireman chooses the least expected with super strength and knowledge.

FBI Chief Gordon Cole makes contact with Twin Peaks and is pleasantly surprised to find Lucy is still working on the reception desk after all the years gone by. Sherriff Truman informs Gordon about the missing diary pages which indicate that there are two Coopers. Gordon isn’t startled by this information and we learn that this is by no means the first encounter he has experienced with Doppelgangers. It was a joy to hear some more of the origin of the Blue Rose as Albert relays a creepy true story to Tammy about an encounter by Gordon and Agent Phillip Jeffries in 1975 with a woman named Lois Duffy. She was shot in a hotel room and her dying words were “I’m like the blue rose” before her body disappeared. The woman who shot her was also Lois Duffy, but not a twin. The significance of the blue rose is that it is not something natural and Tammy mentions Tulpas. A Tulpa derives from Tibetan mythology (remember Agent Cooper’s Tibetan rock throwing methods in Season 1?). They are the creation of ‘extra bodies’ created from a person’s mind in order to travel to other realms. Sounds about right…

It’s suggested that Major Briggs also had a doppelganger on the loose since he died in a fire two decades before but also wound up dead in Buckhorn recently. The inscribed ring found in his stomach leads to the shocking revelation that Diane is the estranged half-sister of Janey-E, the wife of Dougie Jones. Which smoothly leads the FBI on the trail of Agent Cooper in Las Vegas. He’s now a wanted man and the FBI over there are tasked with bringing him in immediately. Finally, our FBI agents have made contact with both Twin Peaks and Las Vegas and the stars appear to be aligning.

I’m glad that dreams still hold significant importance in the FBI’s methods of cracking cases. Gordon recalls the Monica Bellucci dream he had in which she speaks the ancient words, “We are like the dreamer who dreams and lives inside the dream, but who is the dreamer?”. How charming to see Paris in the mythology of Twin Peaks. I am absolutely going for a croissant and a coffee at that cafĂ© when I visit in October! Gordon then sees his younger self and remembers the time Agent Phillip Jeffries, played by the late great David Bowie, arrived in the Philadelphia Offices in Fire Walk With Me, pointing at Cooper and declaring, “Who do you think that is there?”. Did Jeffries know that Cooper would soon have a doppelganger on the loose? Gordon and Albert had forgotten the event entirely until Monica Bellucci reminded him and they ponder over the significance. What a delight it was to see Bowie in Twin Peaks once more, even if the footage is archival. It was very sad but wonderful to see the episode dedicated to his memory. We all hoped perhaps he would appear but it seems unlikely that any new footage was shot. However, there was a man credited as ‘Voice’ who dubbed Bowie’s dialogue which is strange because the audio already exists. This makes me believe that Phillip Jeffries may have more to say in the episodes to come.

In Twin Peaks the bad seed of the Sherriff’s Department, Chad, is arrested by the good guys, Andy, Hawk, Truman and Bobby. Then they head off into Ghostwood to locate Jack Rabbit’s Palace under order of Major Briggs. This scene was a Twin Peaks fan’s dream. It recalled the time Hawk, Cooper, Harry Truman and Doc Hayward made a trek into the woods to visit the Log Lady and find Jacque’s cabin and the uncanny and beautiful image of the naked woman lying in the glade surrounded by smoke as electricity hums was a surrealist painting brought to life. The Major had sent them to this location at the exact time a vortex was due to open and, to my great surprise, lovely Andy gets sucked in. It was incredible to see Andy sitting across from The Giant, now revealed to be named The Fireman, in that plush, black and white world. The Fireman shows Andy a series of significant images which summarise the legend so far. He sees the Mother figure, ‘The Experiment’ that killed the couple in New York, BOB’s creation, the woodsmen and the convenience store. He then sees Laura smiling flanked by angels and then it looks like the future. Worryingly, he sees himself showing something to Lucy in the sheriff’s department and I sincerely hope it doesn’t mean peril ahead for Andy. He returns to Jack Rabbit’s Palace with Naido in his arms. She is the woman with scars for eyes who was last scene with Agent Cooper before he arrived in Vegas. The others can’t remember a thing but Andy knows exactly what to do. He calmly states that she is fine physically but there are people who want her dead and they must protect her.

Back at the Sherriff’s station Lucy sweetly wraps Naido up in a fuzzy pink dressing gown, not at all phased by her mutated appearance and raspy barking noises for words. Chad and a drunk are Naido’s only cell mates and between the three of them they make an awful lot of noise. The barking and howling reminded me of the time Bobby and Mike barked at James Hurley in Season 1.
I assume the drunk man with blood pooling at his feet in the cell could be Billy. The same Billy who Audrey is desperate to find. At the end of Part 14 two women (one of which is played by Lynch’s wife, Emily Stofle) at the Roadhouse discuss the last sighting of Billy by Tina and describe blood gushing from his mouth. Billy’s irate behaviour sounds like it would warrant an arrest. Tina’s daughter, who is relaying the story of Billy, is very confused as she can’t remember if her uncle was there or not. This sounds like a strong indicator of the supernatural as those who experience these blue rosey events often find themselves unable to remember what has happened.

At The Great Northern Hotel James Hurley works a security shift on his birthday and his cockney colleague Freddie treats him to the story of how he came to wear a green gardening glove on his right hand which has given him the power of super strength. I am delighted that London (where I live) has now become part of Twin Peaks mythology! You know I’ll be hopping onto piles of boxes for fun and looking out for packets with single right hand gloves in everywhere I go in old London town now. Freddie, like Andy, was sucked into a vortex and met The Fireman who instructed him to buy the glove and travel to Twin Peaks to fulfil his destiny. The Fireman is definitely good at picking pawns to play the chess game against evil. Will he succeed with the assistance of Freddie and Andy? Two unlikely but capable heroes. James, looking a little bewildered by Freddie’s story, leaves to inspect the furnaces inside the hotel and seems to find the source of the mysterious tinkling hum that has been ringing out in The Great Northern but of course we’ll have to wait to see what’s behind the door.

Sarah Palmer visits a local bar for a Bloody Mary and a disgustingly aggressive trucker pesters her, refusing to move away when she asks him to and insulting her in the most degrading way. He picked the wrong woman to mess with and after warning him, Sarah removes her face to reveal a hollowed-out darkness inside of her – a black and white Cheshire cat grin is revealed (which some have speculated is the grin of Laura Palmer enlarged). “Do you really want to fuck with this?” she asks and then takes a gruesome bite out of the trucker’s neck leaving him dead on the floor. Sarah tries (half-heartedly) to pretend she has no idea what happened to him when the bartender questions her about the very dead and mauled man lying on his floor. Although this was a really disturbing scene I found myself whooping for Sarah. At last some vengeance for the enormous number of women who have suffered from violence and abuse from men in the show. And in life! There are so many creeps out there and if I could remove my own face to intimidate them, I would. It was particularly pertinent that Sarah felt she had to add a please onto her requests he leave her alone. From unpleasant experiences in the past I now find myself too often being extra nice and polite to men who I owe absolutely nothing to in fear that if I’m blunt with them they will release a tirade of abuse and horrible insults because the rejection is more than they can handle. Sarah’s evil inner grin is the exact smile I would like to give to every man who has insisted I cheer up when walking past on the street.

If any of you are prepared to jump at me for relishing in the above so much go ahead. I’m just feeling extra pissed off today after reading that Jeremy Lindholm who briefly appeared in a scene with Carl Rodd at The Fat Trout Trailer Park is facing a second-degree murder charge for beating his girlfriend close to death with a baseball bat and for writing this fuckboy post in a Twin Peaks singles group. 

I’m disgusted that someone who was accepted into our sacred Twin Peaks family quickly turned out to be a violent, abusive pig who was willing to use the briefest, fleeting fame to take advantage of fans. So, thanks to Sarah Palmer I’m feeling extra confident today and more than willing to share my honest opinion on the subject whether it results in trolling or not. I will eat you too.

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