Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 10

Our nightmarish Summer continues and whilst the rest of the British population is glued to reality TV show Love Island, us Peakies are indulging in the weird and wonderful. Part 10 presented us with a candy coloured icon, a new sexual position and a Horne load of violence towards women.

The MVP for this week's instalment has to go to the marvellously loopy Candie played by lovely Amy Shiels. Having previously only appeared to pose and pout, flanked by two other pink ladies in The Silver Mustang Casino, I was unsure if we would see her again and if more of her sultry character would be revealed. Well, she is not at all what she seems - she isn't a mute seductress, she's as hilarious as she is beautiful and I adored every moment spent with her. I was so thankful when the Mitchum Brothers didn't react violently after she smacked Rodney Mitchum in the face with a remote control attempting to squash a fly. There has been so much violence towards female characters in Twin Peaks I simply could not bear to see yet another victim. Thankfully the Mitchum brothers appear forgiving towards the girls but not so much towards their competitors or anyone trying to screw them over. They now want rid of Mr Jackpots so Cooper better snap out of his Dougie slump soon.

Shockingly, not even a third ride did the trick. Janey-E took Dougie/Coop to the doctor's to get checked out and all I can say is: HellooOoooOoooo! It's not only Kyle's acting talents that have been exercised for The Return! Janey-E feels much the same and decides that Dougie must be fine after all and the two share an awkwardly lustful, arm flapping evening which can only be described as doing it Dougie style.

Love was also in the air in South Dakota where Albert shares a romantic meal with Constance Talbot which I really hoped would happen. These two with their inappropriate wise cracks over dead bodies seem the perfect pair. Unfortunately for Gordon Cole, his night in with a fine bottle of Bordeaux and sketch book was interrupted when a terrifying apparition of Laura Palmer appeared to him when he answered the door to his hotel room. The scene was cut directly from Fire Walk With Me and shows Laura at one of her most distressed times - is she calling from beyond crying out for help? Cole seems, next to Cooper who isn't proving particularly helpful right now, to be the most spiritually in tune of the FBI crew.

Back in Twin Peaks the horrendous Richard Horne proves there is no end to his violence. He brutally (but thankfully quickly and off screen) attacks the school teacher who witnessed his hit and run, leaving her lying in a pool of blood in her trailer. His tirade continues at the home of Sylvia and Johnny Horne. Johnny is worse for wear after smashing his head into the wall in Part 9 and sadly sits tied to a chair with the most nightmarish teddy bear endlessly repeating the words 'Hello Johnny, how are you today'. Richard storms in brutally attacking his grandmother and demanding she give him everything in the family safe. He leaves his two relatives squirming on the floor and Audrey Horne, who we must assume is his mother, is still worryingly absent from the picture.

Yet another damsel is very much in distress at the Fat Trout Trailer Park where history is repeating itself. Shelly's daughter Becky is being attacked by her beau Stephen who seems even more of a lunatic than Leo. The come down from that sparkle sure isn't pretty and Stephen, who is acting like a rabid dog, I'm sure could be sporting a nasty rash similar to Sky Ferreria's itchy armpits. Becky needs to get herself out of there as soon as possible.

Thankfully Part 10 wasn't all doom and gloom. I was delighted to see that Nadine Hurley's dreams of opening a silent drape runner shop have come true. Now featuring a golden shovel made by her new love Dr Jacoby. She definitely has a chic eye for window displays.

A golden glimmer in the darkness... 

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