Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Convenience Store

"We lived among the people. I think you say, convenience store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is, like it sounds..." - The One Armed Man

Twin Peaks is on my mind more than usual these days and there's something seriously spooky about finding Twin Peaks references right in your face when you're plodding about doing your usual. On a sunny stroll during my lunch break I came across this foreboding, black 'convenience store' in St John's Wood around the corner from where I work. Doesn't it look exactly like the convenience store seen in Part 8 of The Return? What's even spookier is, the shop used to be open but was destroyed in a FIRE. It's been done up again and is painted completely black but has remained closed for months...

No sign of garmonbozia on sale or any demented woodsmen roaming around.

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