Thursday, 20 July 2017

Candie, Mandie & Sandie: The Girls of The Silver Mustang Casino

I have to admit I am seriously taken with Candie, Sandie and Mandie. They have THE BEST costumes and their role is so sultry yet hilarious. They are endlessly pouting, posing and mixing cocktails and then Candie's hysterical fly swatting, ugly cry face melt down and air conditioning loopiness just made me fall in love.

I was so taken with the trio from the first time they appeared on screen that my sister and I decided to dress up as them for The Double R Club's annual Miss Twin Peaks contest. I had 2 weeks to get the costumes together so went on an online shopping spree to find pink prom dresses, blonde wigs, sparkling jewels and long pink gloves. It turned out pretty well I think and we came 3rd in the competition! Of course there was only two of us, so we improvised by bringing a Barbie doll in a pink dress along and my sister even made a little pink and black feather headdress for her!

I was so thrilled when the actress who plays Candie, Amy Shiels posted our picture on her Instagram account. Social media can be so wonderful. Supposedly, Amy Shiels was just doing that funny thing with her hand and David Lynch noticed and liked it. So, he asked her to do it in the scene. Another example of Lynch magic or catching a big fish perhaps.

It was amazing to see so much more of the girls with the Mitchum Brothers at The Silver Mustang Casino and after a while I had a feeling that they reminded me of something... and then it dawned on me: The Girls Next Door! There was a reality TV show made in the 00s that followed the lives of Hugh Hefner's trio of platinum blonde girlfriends Holly, Kendra and Bridget and I'm sorry to say I loved watching it (I have many tastes and guilty pleasures!). The girl's lives were so removed from reality and ridiculous I just found it weirdly fascinating. Candie, Sandie and Mandie seem a bit like a Lynchian version of the Girls of the Playboy Mansion.

I'm sure lots of you will detest me for making such a comparison so I'll try to redeem myself by also comparing them to 'The Girl' in Mulholland Drive who auditioned for the unlucky film director by singing the wonderful Linda Scott song 'I've Told Every Little Star'. A similar look don't you think?

I hope to see more of this fabulous trio and cannot wait to see some more cosplay from The Return. Diane has such a strong look but I feel I lack the height and slender limbs to pull that one off...

*CORRECTION* Amy Shiels aka Candie has corrected me saying that is not how the hand thing happened after all. Don't believe everything you hear kids! Hopefully one day we will learn her secrets...

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