Friday, 7 July 2017

8 Things We Learned During Kyle Maclachlan's Facebook Q&A

Yesterday the charming and adorable Kyle Maclachlan who of course plays none other than Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks (and Dougie, and Mr C) took to Facebook to participate in a live Q&A answering fan submitted questions. Here's what we learned...

1. David Lynch and Kyle experimented with various different looks to nail down Mr C's style.
"We wanted him to be a little bit off. And I think the length of hair is perfect, because it's not too short, not too long, but it's kinda not right, and that is really key."

I couldn't agree more - that hair just isn't right. Greasy, tangled, a little too heavy on the top and died boot polish black. The real Agent Cooper would never let himself go like this! Kyle also expressed what a great time he had playing Mr C despite how challenging it was. 

2. Although Kyle is the only cast member who was allowed to read the entire shooting script before production began, he is seeing each episode on TV for the first time as we are and he most likes to watch them alone. 

3. Over the past 25 years between the old Twin Peaks and the new, Kyle mostly missed working with David Lynch (as well as the free coffee!). Kyle says that Lynch hasn't changed at all but has evolved as a director and the influence he has had on Kyle is tremendous.

4. Unlike some keyboard warriors on Facebook, Kyle doesn't mind the millennial fans who are discovering Twin Peaks for the first time. He thinks it's really cool that the old series is still deemed watchable by younger audiences.

5. If Kyle could play any other character in the Twin Peaks universe it would be The Giant. Now wouldn't that be something? And the scene he found the most moving and powerful to film was Leland's death scene in the prison cell from Season 2.

6. In his spare time Kyle enjoys playing golf, working out at the gym and going out to catch Pokémon with his son. *heart eyes emoji*

7. Kyle believes that not only did Twin Peaks change his life for the better, it also changed the face of television for good.

8. Agent Cooper is a character who has always been with Kyle and one of his favourite he has ever played.

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