Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 11

When watching Twin Peaks in the UK on Sky Atlantic, before the episode begins, a lady announces warnings about the content of the following programme. Flashing images, scenes of a sexual nature and strong language don't bother me but when she announces "scenes which some viewers may find disturbing" I am worryingly thrilled. I think it's the thought that what I am about to watch will be challenging and quintessentially Lynchian due to the presence of unsettling imagery. This is likely also why I remain single.

The announcement from Sky Atlantic had me on edge so when Part 11 opened with three young boys innocently playing ball, I assumed they were about to be ploughed down by a speeding truck. Thankfully this wasn't the case but instead the disturbing scene took the form of a bloodied Miriam crawling like a zombie through the undergrowth. I was amazed she escaped her trailer where Richard Horne had left her in a pool of blood and with a burning candle and the gas on. She sure is a survivor.

After the disturbing discovery of Miriam alive and crawling, Part 11 continued on a kinetic trajectory. Becky, the daughter of Double R waitress Shelly, shrieks at the top of her lungs and begs her mother to drive over to The New Fat Trout Trailer Park so she can use her car. It's clear that Shelly will do anything for her distressed daughter but in an act of madness Becky screeches away in her mother's car with Shelly thrown across the windshield. I found myself nearly tearing up, my heart racing, at the thought of something nasty happening to Shelly. I really hold the old characters close to my heart and it was just too much to consider only 5 minutes into the episode. The scene was loaded with manic energy and reminded me of the screaming, car revving, furiously frenzied scene in Fire Walk With Me when The One Armed Man confronts Leland and Laura as they drive by. I could almost smell the burnt engine oil.

Shelly's red heels go flying into the air but Shelly lands like a cat with 9 lives and the wonderful Carl comes to her rescue. With one toot on his whistle, his van (complete with radio link to the Sheriff's department) arrives. It came as no surprise that although Shelly and Bobby are no longer together, Becky is their daughter and the two had been or still are married. Bobby seems such a well adjusted and brilliant man now, it's a great shame their relationship together ended.

Becky storms into the apartment building where her no-good husband Stephen is doing the dirty with none other than supper club goody two shoes Gersten Hayward played by Alicia Witt. The two hide down stairs whilst Becky fires shots into Gersten's apartment door in a rage. I'm not sure what the women of Twin Peaks find appealing about drug addled Stephen but perhaps being such a small town there are slim pickings in the eligible bachelor department (although still an abundance of beautiful women).

Later at a beautifully neon lit Double R Diner Becky sits with her parents who hope to find a solution to her ongoing relationship problems. Bobby proves that he really has changed his ways and matured into a fair, hard working and caring individual who his father would have been proud of. He's got to be the most desirable man in town but Shelly's lustful heart now belongs to the coin tossing smoothy Red. As soon as Shelly sees him at the diner window she ditches the family crisis meeting without a word and dashes off to make out with her beau, leaving Bobby to demonstrate those puppy dog eyes to full effect. Bobby has changed but Shelly is still as boy crazy as ever.

The diner scene dissolves into chaos when a gunshot is fired right into the diner and Deputy Bobby Briggs dashes outside to investigate. A little boy found the gun in the back of his parents car and let it off accidentally, although he stares down Bobby as if he is the spawn of Satan. Bobby is perplexed by the punk attitude of the child and his colleague Jesse turns up to assist with the ensuing chaos. A ridiculously outraged woman who has absolutely no chill will not stop honking her car horn and is outraged by the hold up the scene has caused. She babbles on about how she is visiting a relative and someone being sick when suddenly a hideously vile girl lurks into the shot from the passenger seat, green bile leaking from her mouth. It was a "I hate to admit this, but I don't understand this situation at all" moment and all I can think is that the Sparkle drug doing the rounds, causing itchy armpit rashes, may be the cause...???

Elsewhere in Twin Peaks, Hawk and Frank observe an old and beautiful map of the area, littered with symbols and which Hawk describes as a living thing. The funny little black bob with ears hovers above the Twin Peaks mountains and Hawk warns Frank that he should never want to know what it represents. We know this is what Mr C is looking for and The Log Lady calls Hawk to warn him "There's fire where you are going". I don't think it will be too long before Mr C and his crew show up in Twin Peaks and I hope Hawk, who seems to be making the most investigative progress, will be ready for the perils that loom ahead.

Their meeting is interrupted by Jesse who wants to show off his new car to the Sheriff. Jesse's appearance at both the crime scene outside the Double R Diner, and at the Sheriff's department leads me to conclude that we cannot presume that anything we see is on the same timeline. It makes no sense for Jesse to appear in both scenes and seemed a clear indication that events are not occurring simultaneously.

In Buckhorn, South Dakota, the FBI take Bill Hastings to 2240 Sycamore, the destination where he saw Major Briggs. This desolate spot is a hotbed of other worldly activity. Both Gordon and Albert spot a shadowy woodsmen lurking nearby who creeps up on Bill and crushes his head into a bloody mess. Unlike Miriam, I think it's safe to say that he is 100% dead (thanks to Gordon for the confirmation) and I will be terribly sorry not to see him again. Matthew Lillard has been a wonderful addition to the Twin Peaks family. Bill's partner, Ruth Davenport's headless corpse lies decomposing nearby. A sad fate for the curious couple who took their hobby too far.

Gordon ventures the furthest forward and witnesses a vortex in the sky. Through the vortex he sees three shadowy woodsmen standing on a staircase staring at him. The staircase somewhat resembles the staircase in Laura Palmer's home and the wallpaper looks like the murky floral pattern of the walls in the nightmare Laura has in Fire Walk With Me. Gordon is nearly sucked in but Albert grabs him back just in time. Without doubt, this long shot that shows Gordon waving his arms in the air at the vortex which can only be seen by him, is my favourite shot of The Return so far:

Back at the police station the FBI crew indulge in the "policeman's dream" combination of coffee and donuts. Gordon's hand is shaking just like the townsfolk's hands shook in Season 2 when BOB's spirit was on the loose. And Diane is certainly proving to be suspicious. She says nothing when she sees the woodsman stalking Bill Hastings and can be seen taking notes of the co-ordinates written on Ruth Davenport's arm when Albert shows them to Cole. These are very important co-ordinates - they were given to Bill and Ruth by Major Briggs before he floated up into the air saying the words "Cooper, Cooper". I suspect they will lead the team closer to Twin Peaks and The Black Lodge entrance but I presume Mr C, who likely killed Ruth Davenport, might already be on his way.

Part 11 ends with a show down in the dessert. The Mitchum Brothers begin their day leisurely in the middle of the afternoon. They take their coffee and breakfast in silk pyjamas and discuss the murder they are soon to commit at 5.30pm when they will finally meet Dougie Jones, the man who has been declared their enemy. Cooper is gormlessly sent in the right direction for his meeting by his boss Bud Mullins who sticks a $30 million insurance pay out cheque for the brothers into Cooper's suit pocket. Bud isn't the only one looking out for Coop, The One Armed Man beckons him to collect a mysterious box to bring along with him.

As the brothers wait for the arrival of their so called enemy, Bradley obsesses over a dream he had. In his dream Rodney's cut from Candie's remote control slap had miraculously healed and low and behold so it has in reality. Rodney is sceptical but when Bradley sees 'Dougie' carrying a brown box he pleads with him to listen - if a CHERRY PIE is in that box then Dougie Jones is not their enemy. This was a wonderful scene - Bradley and Rodney are fantastic together. They are the epiphany of those charismatic yet deadly gangsters I have loved from Scorsese films yet utterly hilarious in the strange story lines Lynch and Frost put them in. When it is revealed to be iconic cherry pie in the box I squealed with delight.

To celebrate their new found $30 million fortune and friendship with the slow but pleasant 'Dougie Jones', the Mitchum Brothers take him out to a swanky restaurant to drink champagne and eat more damn fine cherry pie. A pianist plays in the corner and one note in particular stirs some familiarity in Cooper who for just a split second looks like he might be about to snap out of his Dougie coma. But nope, we'll have to wait. Someone else has had a transformation though, the mad old lady from the Casino who gave Coop the Mr Jackpots nickname returns dripping in jewels and dressed up like a Hollywood star. It looks to me like money probably can buy you happiness, and so can cherry pie.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Candie, Mandie & Sandie: The Girls of The Silver Mustang Casino

I have to admit I am seriously taken with Candie, Sandie and Mandie. They have THE BEST costumes and their role is so sultry yet hilarious. They are endlessly pouting, posing and mixing cocktails and then Candie's hysterical fly swatting, ugly cry face melt down and air conditioning loopiness just made me fall in love.

I was so taken with the trio from the first time they appeared on screen that my sister and I decided to dress up as them for The Double R Club's annual Miss Twin Peaks contest. I had 2 weeks to get the costumes together so went on an online shopping spree to find pink prom dresses, blonde wigs, sparkling jewels and long pink gloves. It turned out pretty well I think and we came 3rd in the competition! Of course there was only two of us, so we improvised by bringing a Barbie doll in a pink dress along and my sister even made a little pink and black feather headdress for her!

I was so thrilled when the actress who plays Candie, Amy Shiels posted our picture on her Instagram account. Social media can be so wonderful. Supposedly, Amy Shiels was just doing that funny thing with her hand and David Lynch noticed and liked it. So, he asked her to do it in the scene. Another example of Lynch magic or catching a big fish perhaps.

It was amazing to see so much more of the girls with the Mitchum Brothers at The Silver Mustang Casino and after a while I had a feeling that they reminded me of something... and then it dawned on me: The Girls Next Door! There was a reality TV show made in the 00s that followed the lives of Hugh Hefner's trio of platinum blonde girlfriends Holly, Kendra and Bridget and I'm sorry to say I loved watching it (I have many tastes and guilty pleasures!). The girl's lives were so removed from reality and ridiculous I just found it weirdly fascinating. Candie, Sandie and Mandie seem a bit like a Lynchian version of the Girls of the Playboy Mansion.

I'm sure lots of you will detest me for making such a comparison so I'll try to redeem myself by also comparing them to 'The Girl' in Mulholland Drive who auditioned for the unlucky film director by singing the wonderful Linda Scott song 'I've Told Every Little Star'. A similar look don't you think?

I hope to see more of this fabulous trio and cannot wait to see some more cosplay from The Return. Diane has such a strong look but I feel I lack the height and slender limbs to pull that one off...

*CORRECTION* Amy Shiels aka Candie has corrected me saying that is not how the hand thing happened after all. Don't believe everything you hear kids! Hopefully one day we will learn her secrets...

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 10

Our nightmarish Summer continues and whilst the rest of the British population is glued to reality TV show Love Island, us Peakies are indulging in the weird and wonderful. Part 10 presented us with a candy coloured icon, a new sexual position and a Horne load of violence towards women.

The MVP for this week's instalment has to go to the marvellously loopy Candie played by lovely Amy Shiels. Having previously only appeared to pose and pout, flanked by two other pink ladies in The Silver Mustang Casino, I was unsure if we would see her again and if more of her sultry character would be revealed. Well, she is not at all what she seems - she isn't a mute seductress, she's as hilarious as she is beautiful and I adored every moment spent with her. I was so thankful when the Mitchum Brothers didn't react violently after she smacked Rodney Mitchum in the face with a remote control attempting to squash a fly. There has been so much violence towards female characters in Twin Peaks I simply could not bear to see yet another victim. Thankfully the Mitchum brothers appear forgiving towards the girls but not so much towards their competitors or anyone trying to screw them over. They now want rid of Mr Jackpots so Cooper better snap out of his Dougie slump soon.

Shockingly, not even a third ride did the trick. Janey-E took Dougie/Coop to the doctor's to get checked out and all I can say is: HellooOoooOoooo! It's not only Kyle's acting talents that have been exercised for The Return! Janey-E feels much the same and decides that Dougie must be fine after all and the two share an awkwardly lustful, arm flapping evening which can only be described as doing it Dougie style.

Love was also in the air in South Dakota where Albert shares a romantic meal with Constance Talbot which I really hoped would happen. These two with their inappropriate wise cracks over dead bodies seem the perfect pair. Unfortunately for Gordon Cole, his night in with a fine bottle of Bordeaux and sketch book was interrupted when a terrifying apparition of Laura Palmer appeared to him when he answered the door to his hotel room. The scene was cut directly from Fire Walk With Me and shows Laura at one of her most distressed times - is she calling from beyond crying out for help? Cole seems, next to Cooper who isn't proving particularly helpful right now, to be the most spiritually in tune of the FBI crew.

Back in Twin Peaks the horrendous Richard Horne proves there is no end to his violence. He brutally (but thankfully quickly and off screen) attacks the school teacher who witnessed his hit and run, leaving her lying in a pool of blood in her trailer. His tirade continues at the home of Sylvia and Johnny Horne. Johnny is worse for wear after smashing his head into the wall in Part 9 and sadly sits tied to a chair with the most nightmarish teddy bear endlessly repeating the words 'Hello Johnny, how are you today'. Richard storms in brutally attacking his grandmother and demanding she give him everything in the family safe. He leaves his two relatives squirming on the floor and Audrey Horne, who we must assume is his mother, is still worryingly absent from the picture.

Yet another damsel is very much in distress at the Fat Trout Trailer Park where history is repeating itself. Shelly's daughter Becky is being attacked by her beau Stephen who seems even more of a lunatic than Leo. The come down from that sparkle sure isn't pretty and Stephen, who is acting like a rabid dog, I'm sure could be sporting a nasty rash similar to Sky Ferreria's itchy armpits. Becky needs to get herself out of there as soon as possible.

Thankfully Part 10 wasn't all doom and gloom. I was delighted to see that Nadine Hurley's dreams of opening a silent drape runner shop have come true. Now featuring a golden shovel made by her new love Dr Jacoby. She definitely has a chic eye for window displays.

A golden glimmer in the darkness... 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 9

Apologies for the delay in delivering my thoughts on Part 9. Life, as it so often does, got in the way and although I watched it on Monday morning as usual, and then once more on Tuesday evening, the rest of the week was a blur of lots of work and lots of fun.

I did manage to find time to listen to the Diane podcast review of Part 9 and flick through the Facebook comments scattered across the various Twin Peaks groups and was honestly surprised to discover that a fair amount of Peakies were not wholly taken with Part 9. I have to admit I particularly loved it as it felt to me like we were really returning to Twin Peaks with some elements that reminded me of the old series and more time spent in the town itself. What seemed like a series of contrived story lines in the beginning now seem to be pointing in a similar direction: five miles South of the Canadian border, twelve miles West of the state line.

The first thing that took me back to Twin Peaks occurred when one of the three brother detectives dropped Dougie/Coop's mug into an evidence bag and that familiar Badalamenti jazz music began to play. I think this could have been a track used in Fire Walk With Me and I've noticed the background music slowly beginning to creep into each part more and more.

This scene was particularly filled with clues and symbols. Many pointed out that Dougie's boss Bushnell Mullins was clenching and opening his fist - a hand gesture used by Lil the dancing girl in Fire Walk With Me which indicated that the local authorities were likely to be aggressive. Bushnell Mullins is an ex pro-boxer so perhaps I am just reading into this a little more than necessary...

I couldn't keep my eyes away from the cowboy painting behind the three detectives as it reminded me so much of the creepy cowboy in Lynch's Mulholland Drive. It will be interesting if he appears twice.

Red shoes also held significance in this scene as Janey-E sported some pretty ballet flats and Dougie/Coop was mesmerised by some red stilettos trotting past him. The red heels look similar to the pair Audrey Horne sported in the first series and many fans are still holding onto the theory that Audrey will be integral to Cooper's 'awakening' but I like to think they more closely symbolise Cooper's journey home. Lynch is a great fan of The Wizard of Oz in which red heels were the key to Dorothy awakening from her post-tornado slumber.

I was filled with joy when, upon cutting to the Sheriff's department, a beautiful exterior shot of the building with a halo of sunlight peaking through the Douglas Fir trees, an oh so familiar guitar twang sounded. Yet another note of familiarity which filled me with nostalgia.

We were then given a heavy dose of classic Twin Peaks soap opera melodrama in a sentimental scene at Bobby Brigg's mother's house. Gorgeous Bobby, the bad boy turned good, visits his mother with Sheriff Truman and Hawk to ask about Major Brigg's visit from Cooper before his death. Betty Briggs wasn't surprised by the visit as her late husband had told her he knew that one day they would arrive asking questions and when they did she was to give them a metal container hidden in a secret compartment inside a chair. The gushing emotion of the scene and the sneaky hiding place containing clues brought me straight back to Blue Pine Lodge where Catherine Martell and the Packards would sneak around, unlocking secret compartments and concealed hiding places.

Bobby, who has aged extremely well and still carries himself like the rebellious teenage boy of his youth, knows exactly how to open his father's contraption and throws it against the ground until it reaches a ringing pitch which allows it to be opened. It turns out that it was about the bunny after all - The Major directs them to Jack Rabbit's Palace, a place where he and Bobby used to play when he was a child. It seems Hawk, Truman and Bobby will be taking a walk in the woods before long...

Away from Twin Peaks the FBI visit Bill Hastings and Agent Tammy Preston interrogates him about his blog The Search For The Zone. Matthew Lillard is absolutely tremendous in this scene, wailing about how he and the now decapitated Ruth Davenport were going to go scuba diving in the Bahamas. I was thrilled to discover that he and Ruth's blog really exists!  is filled with Easter Eggs and is gloriously old school. Bill and Ruth met Major Briggs during their attempts to travel to the other dimension which they were convinced exists. Those pesky kids were meddling in dangerous places and now Bill is in some serious hot water and Ruth certainly won't be sipping any sunset cocktails.

Outside of the interrogation Diane is acting weird... her bad attitude isn't shifting and Gordon seems to suspect something isn't quite right. He follows her outside where she is smoking and appears to be assessing her silently before caving and taking a drag on her cigarette. The scene could be shrugged off for being humorously awkward but Gordon is more intuitive then that. Furthermore, Evil Cooper makes it to 'The Farm' and sends a cryptic txt message to Diane 'Around the dinner table the conversation is lively'. Is Diane still loyal to 'Cooper' and continuing to work for him despite his questionable moral choices over the past 25 years and terrible hair style? Or is Evil Cooper stalking her?

After the wonderful mid-season crescendo from Part 8, Part 9 made me think that the stars are beginning to align. Although Twin Peaks: The Return continues to stand apart from the old series, it no longer feels so far away from that little town we love where everyone has a secret and nothing is what it seems...

Friday, 7 July 2017

8 Things We Learned During Kyle Maclachlan's Facebook Q&A

Yesterday the charming and adorable Kyle Maclachlan who of course plays none other than Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks (and Dougie, and Mr C) took to Facebook to participate in a live Q&A answering fan submitted questions. Here's what we learned...

1. David Lynch and Kyle experimented with various different looks to nail down Mr C's style.
"We wanted him to be a little bit off. And I think the length of hair is perfect, because it's not too short, not too long, but it's kinda not right, and that is really key."

I couldn't agree more - that hair just isn't right. Greasy, tangled, a little too heavy on the top and died boot polish black. The real Agent Cooper would never let himself go like this! Kyle also expressed what a great time he had playing Mr C despite how challenging it was. 

2. Although Kyle is the only cast member who was allowed to read the entire shooting script before production began, he is seeing each episode on TV for the first time as we are and he most likes to watch them alone. 

3. Over the past 25 years between the old Twin Peaks and the new, Kyle mostly missed working with David Lynch (as well as the free coffee!). Kyle says that Lynch hasn't changed at all but has evolved as a director and the influence he has had on Kyle is tremendous.

4. Unlike some keyboard warriors on Facebook, Kyle doesn't mind the millennial fans who are discovering Twin Peaks for the first time. He thinks it's really cool that the old series is still deemed watchable by younger audiences.

5. If Kyle could play any other character in the Twin Peaks universe it would be The Giant. Now wouldn't that be something? And the scene he found the most moving and powerful to film was Leland's death scene in the prison cell from Season 2.

6. In his spare time Kyle enjoys playing golf, working out at the gym and going out to catch Pokémon with his son. *heart eyes emoji*

7. Kyle believes that not only did Twin Peaks change his life for the better, it also changed the face of television for good.

8. Agent Cooper is a character who has always been with Kyle and one of his favourite he has ever played.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Convenience Store

"We lived among the people. I think you say, convenience store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is, like it sounds..." - The One Armed Man

Twin Peaks is on my mind more than usual these days and there's something seriously spooky about finding Twin Peaks references right in your face when you're plodding about doing your usual. On a sunny stroll during my lunch break I came across this foreboding, black 'convenience store' in St John's Wood around the corner from where I work. Doesn't it look exactly like the convenience store seen in Part 8 of The Return? What's even spookier is, the shop used to be open but was destroyed in a FIRE. It's been done up again and is painted completely black but has remained closed for months...

No sign of garmonbozia on sale or any demented woodsmen roaming around.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 8

For all of those Twin Peaks fans moaning and groaning that they're fed up with Cooper acting dumb and where on earth is Audrey Horne, Part 8 hopefully stunned you all into wondrous silence. For me it certainly was the most gratifying episode of The Return so far as well as the most artistic and surreal hour of television I have ever experienced.

Part 8 begins where Part 7 left off - Evil Coop hit the road with Ray, driving into the night, the two of them double crossing each other simultaneously. Ray appears to be working with Agent Phillip Jeffries behind Evil Coop's back and as soon as he gets the opportunity he shoots Evil Coop right in the chest. I didn't think for a moment that this could possibly be the end of Cooper's menacing doppelganger but never would have guessed that this potentially fatal moment would result in the summoning of blackened woodsmen and a ritual dance. I loved the classic Lynch strobe lighting effect in this scene and the superimposed woodsmen that claustrophobically surround every inch of the screen. Ray is horrified to see a darkened embryo like matter appear out of Evil Coop's chest as the woodsmen scrape at the wound, smearing blood all over him. Grinning menacingly from this embryo type thing is BOB - he lives inside of Cooper's doppelganger. There's no denying these ghoulish woodsmen are evil spirits as their gory ritual resuscitates Evil Cooper.

Back at The Roadhouse we are provided with a musical interlude from Nine Inch Nails. My favourite feature of this scene was the pine cone adorned microphone. The song grew on me but the band's style looked really dated and not in a retro Twin Peaksy way, more of a stuck in the early noughties grunge goth way. And watching Trent Reznor was like seeing a cringey Dad desperately trying to look cool during a mid-life crisis. But it really doesn't matter because the scenes which follow were absolutely incredible.

It is 1945 and a countdown marks the test of an atomic bomb in the New Mexico dessert as well as signaling the episode's descent into pure Lynchian magic. The explosion is stunningly beautiful and the music for this scene is utterly chaotic and unsettling. It's also astonishing how incredible the special effects and CGI for this scene are, considering the less so impressive effects used on the show previously, heightening the realism of what we are witnessing. As we are transported into the heart of the atomic explosion I could feel how evil and dangerous this man made weapon is.

Next we see a blackened, gloomy scene at a convenience store where ghostly woodsmen scuttle backwards and forwards in jerky cuts, very like the motion of the purple room where Agent Cooper met the blind woman in Part 2. The Convenience Store appears in Twin Peaks greater mythology, having been mentioned by The One Armed Man as a place where he and BOB would meet and indulge in creamed corn also known as Garmonbozia (also known as pain and suffering). It is a meeting point for black lodge dwellers but whether it is in the real world or another universe has never been clear. The convenience store scene reminded me of a wonderful cigarette advert Lynch made in 1998 for Parisienne People in an almost identical setting with similar effects and strange behaviour.

Discussing the Convenience Store scene with my flatmate, she cleverly came up with the idea that the woodsmen could be local people living in the surrounding areas who are now victims effected by the nuclear bomb.  When the US carried out the first ever nuclear bomb test in 1945 not enough concern was given to health and safety or the effects it would have on the surrounding areas, resulting in protests against these tests from the American citizens in 1950. The manic, abnormal behaviour of the woodsmen and the frantic, electrical energy of this scene represents trauma and disruption. Could it be possible that the woodsmen became malevolent spirits as a result of the radiation and impact of the bomb test?

What I do believe is a certain result of the nuclear bomb explosion, is the creation of pure evil itself, BOB. An alien monster spews out a flurry of disgusting, grey gunk and floating inside the gunk, in a sack of placenta is BOB himself. If the world was formed by the Big Bang, a natural explosion, man has created the most evil form of explosion by invention of a nuclear bomb and from this horrendous explosion, BOB was birthed.

The birth of BOB sets alarms ringing in an eery yet elegant dwelling across the vast, majestic purple ocean we previously saw in Part 2. Here a diva of a woman known as Dido sits listening to some sublime jazz music playing on a gramophone. We know Agent Cooper has been to this black and white place before as it's where The Giant (or ???????) spoke to him in the opening scene of Part 1. The Giant is troubled by the sound of the alarm and slowly makes his way to a grand theatre where a projection shows him the nuclear explosion, followed by the convenience store and then freezes on BOB in the placenta goo. In response, he floats into the air and a beautiful, shimmering golden vapour flows out of him. The music in this scene is pure and angelic, a complete contrast to the sharp, screeching violins heard during the explosion scene. I've always believed The Giant to be a good spirit since he  offered Cooper help, even if it was cryptic and despite his creepy appearance in his bedroom at night. The golden vapour emanating from him produces a gorgeous, gold orb which floats into Dido's open arms and shows the face of Laura Palmer. I burst into joyful laughter at this sight. I was in complete awe at the revelation that Laura was always the one. She was either created or chosen as BOB's nemesis from his conception.

Time hops forward from the bomb drop in 1945 to August 5th 1956 when a large frog/moth hatches in the light of a full moon. An adorable young teenage couple stroll home after a date and some blackened woodsmen appear out of the darkness in the desert. The ghoulish woodsmen approach a car on the road, leaning into the window and terrorising the couple inside. "Gotta light?" the woodsman asks repeatedly as the couple look both transfixed and horrified. The woodsman then makes his way to a radio station, approaching a woman on entry, she gasps in terror but also walks directly towards him as if under his spell. He crushes her skull and she drops to the ground in a bloody heap.

Over the radio the woodsman repeats an incantation which places whoever is listening into a submissive trance. The young teenage girl, having returned home from her date, falls into slumber at the woodsman's words:

"This is the water, and this is the well.
Drink full and descend.
The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within."

The frog/moth creeps towards her bedroom window and lands by her face. She willingly opens her mouth and it crawls inside and down her throat. To me it appears this is BOB's first form on earth and his first hijacking of a person's body. If how I've deciphered Part 8 is in any way accurate, we have been shown the origins of BOB himself. As soon as the bug is inside the young girl, the woodsman leaves the radio station and disappears into the night as a horse breighs close by. 

Part 8 contained the most remarkable revelations as well as some (almost) clear understanding of Twin Peaks lore. It was hauntingly beautiful, surreal and disturbing. This is once again groundbreaking television. I've never seen anything like it. I found it awful to wake up this Monday morning without a new episode to look forward to but at least this gives us time to patiently meditate over what we have witnessed so far. The biggest question I am left with is: who is the girl who swallowed the frog/bug? Some fans have wondered if it could be Sarah Palmer as the dates match up to her assumed age and Sarah is known to see white horses, as mentioned in the woodsman's eery poem. I have a definite feeling that more wonderful and strange events will follow...