Thursday, 22 June 2017

Twin Peaks Season 3: Part 7

I've finally cracked open my bag of David Lynch coffee to get me through the early Monday morning viewings of Twin Peaks. I have a lot of admiration for you UK Peakies who stay up until 2am to watch but my work schedule simply won't allow it. I highly recommend Lynch's coffee - it feels like a much needed inner hug and is both rich and smooth. Aside from my coffee, Part 7 gave rather a lot of fuel and the plot is certainly heating up rapidly (with the exception of a hypnotic floor sweeping to Green Onions sequence).

Part 7 opened in the luscious green woods where Jerry Horne, who looks like a quintessential hipster one would see drinking craft beer in East London, is having a drug fuelled freak out and calls his brother Ben in a state of panic. Just like Agent Cooper, he doesn't know where he is or what he is.

Elsewhere in Twin Peaks, Hawk shows Sherriff Truman three of the four missing pages to Laura Palmer's diary which explicitly state that the Good Cooper is trapped in The Lodge and can't escape. This prompts the Sherriff to Skype Doctor Hayward to ask for his memories of the last time he saw Agent Cooper. This was a really touching scene with the late Warren Frost who I hope is now somewhere fishing for trout in a beautiful location and eating lovely breakfasts (read my tribute to him here). I also have a lot of appreciation for the Sherriff's incredible wooden, pop-up computer monitor and one fingered dad typing. Doc Hayward reveals that he believes Agent Cooper visited a comatose Audrey Horne in intensive care before he disappeared. We know this was in fact Cooper's Evil Doppelganger and the implications here have lead some fans to consider the origins of the maniac Richard Horne. It is a truly sickening thought that Richard Horne could be the son of Audrey and Evil Cooper following a rape.

Sherriff Truman also continues to check in on his sick brother Harry over the phone, which he has done I think in every episode so far. We've been told that Michael Ontkean who played Harry is in retirement somewhere in Hawaii but the constant reference to his character, which could have been left alone, is leading me to wonder if we will see Harry at some point in The Return. Lynch is adored by the actors who work with him and I highly doubt he wouldn't be able to get someone to put their retirement on hold for a month...

Deputy Andy Brennan is investigating the tragic hit and run of Part 6 and has located the vehicle Richard Horne was driving. He politely and meekly interrogates a Farmer who begs him to meet elsewhere. The meeting spot: the infamous Sparkwood & 21. But he, unsurprisingly, doesn't show up. Who is The Farmer and why was he so spooked? And how does Andy afford a Rolex watch? Perhaps living in a small town means one doesn't burn their wages on exorbitant rent and avocado toast brunches.

Speaking of Rolex, we need to talk about product placement. There has been a noticeable amount of brand logos flashing up in The Return and I've found it puzzling due to Lynch's stance on product placement as "total bullshit":

We've seen Apple, Ford, Blackberry, Mercedes Benz, Skype and I'm sure more. One eagle eyed viewer noticed that some of the brand logos being used were dated and not reflective of the year the scenes are set in which could be a clue to timelines. But maybe the branding is simply funding this lavish Return to Twin Peaks.

At The Great Northern Hotel Ben Horne and his assistant Beverly flirtatiously attempt to find the source of a pretty little humming sound that has appeared in the last week. She also gives Agent Cooper's returned Room 315 key to Ben which he ponders over and pockets. I sure hope Ben will do the sensible thing and report this to the Sherriff's station but Ben hasn't ever been on the right side of the law himself. The humming noise marks a shift in the energy around Twin Peaks provoked by Agent Cooper's release from The Black Lodge - hopefully it will call him back there eventually.

Agent Cooper (it's not fucking Dougie - thank you Benjamin Louche of The Double R Club for promoting this) is interrogated by some lousy looking Cops at the Lucky 7 offices and thankfully Janey-E comes to his rescue. This lady is super woman - she gets shit done and she stands by her man. So much so, that when the vicious little hitman Ike The Spike storms Cooper with a gun she immediately jumps on his back and starts strangling him. Go Janey-E! Muscle memory serves Cooper well and he superbly knocks Spike back and disarms him (with some cheerleading from The Extension of The Arm who hilariously appears out of the ground screeching "squeeze off his hand"). This was a really exciting scene - Coop has still got it!

In Buckhorn, South Dakota, Lt. Knox visits the body of who we now presume has to be Major Briggs. But there is something very odd going on. The headless corpse has his finger prints but is not the correct age from the time Briggs died in the fire and the time of death which is recorded as 5-6 days prior. The biggest indication that this reeks of 'the blue rose' is the malevolent appearance of the blackened figure who we've seen once before floating away in the prison cell. He stalks the corridor by the body and is a most ominous presence.

In Philadelphia we are treated to another dynamite scene between Gordon Cole and Albert Rosenfield who have the best chemistry and lines. Together they visit Diane whose elegant style does not match her balshy personality. But just as I was beginning to think Diane makes Albert appear incredibly charming, it becomes apparent that there is just reason for Diane's 'fuck you, and fuck the world' attitude. When she visits Evil Cooper in prison their meeting is filled with emotional turmoil on her behalf. It transpires that after escaping The Black Lodge, Cooper's Evil Doppelganger visited Diane at home and we can only imagine the nightmarish evening that followed. The memories of that night have clearly left a hate filled void in Diane and she knows that something cannot possibly be right with 'Cooper'. It sickens me to think that it may be possible Evil Cooper has sexually assaulted both Audrey Horne and Diane but then, BOB is still with him and that is exactly what the premise of Twin Peaks has always been about. It was horrifying then with Laura and Leland and it's horrifying now with Diane and Cooper's Doppelganger. Laura Dern is extraordinary in this heart breaking scene. As she asks Evil Coop "who are you" it reminded me immediately of the scene in Fire Walk With Me when Laura asks BOB the same question, finally discovering the truth.

In a troubling finale, Evil Cooper manipulates Warden Murphy into allowing him to escape prison with his associate Ray. Please allow me a moment to gloat - I just knew that Mr Strawberry was a threat towards Warden Murphy and it isn't often I work anything out on my own! I hate to think about the three dog legs travelling in the post to whoever the recipients are. What's worse is the thought that Evil Cooper is free to reak havoc in the world. Could he be travelling to Buenos Aires, the last known location of Agent Jeffries? Or maybe he knows exactly where Agent Cooper is and is heading to Vegas for a showdown...

Lynch has left us with a lot to think about as the credits roll over The Double R Diner. Did anyone notice the sudden change in diner customers when the man looking for Bing burst in? I was too busy debating the meaning of 'dramatic irony' with an academic friend who is visiting as well as if Twin Peaks: The Return is the first programme to leave so many clues in its credits. But it's worth going back to see the sneaky little trick at the end. Until next week, hang loose Howies!

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