Thursday, 15 June 2017

Chrysta Bell at The Borderline

Usually on a Sunday evening you can find me on my blue velvet sofa watching a film with one last glass of wine before the weekend is over but last Sunday I did something exceptionally more interesting. I had the great pleasure of seeing Lynch protogée and muse Chrysta Bell perform her music at The Borderline near Tottenham Court Road in London as part of her We Dissolve tour.

As soon as I saw the statuesque beauty singing dreamily and swaying up on stage I understood David Lynch's description of Chrysta Bell as "the most beautiful alien ever." She is absolutely stunning in an other worldly way and has an incredibly captivating presence. Her music, described as "dream pop" is moody and sensual and Chrysta Bell's vocal arrange is seriously impressive. I particularly loved the creative lighting used during the set which really set the tone and made the venue feel very 'Roadhouse'. It's a shame that Chrysta Bell will presumably never be a Roadhouse singer in Twin Peaks The Return due to the fact that she is playing the role of Special Agent Tammy Preston, unless Tammy is revealed to have a side talent!

The Borderline is an intimate venue with a 300 person capacity, which meant there was fabulous interaction with the band and the opportunity to meet Chrysta Bell afterwards. We lined up patiently for the chance to say hello and as we waited one of her band mates chatted to us about his experiences touring. They all hail from Texas and are travelling across Europe to promote Chrysta Bell's new album We Dissolve which was released on the 9th of June.

Chrysta Bell: beautiful alien. Me: excited dwarf.
Meeting Chrysta Bell was a truly wonderful experience. She exudes positivity and took so much time to chat and take photos. It's made me very excited to see more of her in Twin Peaks The Return and I must admit I am truly a real fan of hers now and hope her involvement in Twin Peaks leads to great success with her music. If you're a Twin Peaks fan based in Italy, Belgium or Germany I really recommend that you go to see her. Tickets and tour info can be found on her official website.

Chrysta Bell signed this amazing photo of her with David Lynch for me.
My friends and I travelled home absolutely thrilled by our experience seeing and meeting Chrysta Bell. Hopefully there will be many more new Twin Peaks alumni to meet in the future. Thank you to my gorgeous friend Laura for organising the night and to Will who took the photos!

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