Monday, 24 April 2017

Write It In Your Diary: A Month of Twin Peaks

May is fast approaching and the countdown to the return of Twin Peaks is at the time of writing, a mere 27 days. After waiting 26 years, that really isn't long to go. It's never been a better time to be a fan. If you've already completed your re-watch and are itching to celebrate and appreciate Twin Peaks in any way possible, here is a selection of London based events and other ideas to get you truly in the spirit during the lead up to May 21st. Write them in your diary...

Twin Peaks Life Drawing - "Fire Chalk With Me"

Art Macabre are hosting a Twin Peaks themed life drawing class at The Book Club on the afternoon of the 20th May. All I'm imagining is a strategically placed log... For the artists (established or aspiring) amongst you, this sounds like a really fun alternative to a traditional life drawing do. I'm always so impressed by the extraordinary and fantastical artwork that the Twin Peaks fans create and this event sounds like the ultimate inspiration - Badalamenti's music will fill the air, cherry pie will be served and models will be dressed (or in states of un-dress) as beloved characters from the show. If anyone attends make sure you share the results! £15 for a ticket which can be purchased here.

The Double R Club

Time and time again I have encouraged my readers to visit The Double R Club at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. Their evenings of Lynchian burlesque and cabaret are other worldly. If you still haven't been, then the show on the 18th May is a must do. You'll never know what you're about to experience - hysterical, terrifying, teasing and pleasing. Read my review of their annual Miss Twin Peaks contest to get an idea. Tickets can be purchased here.

The SRSLY Twin Peaks Quiz Night

I am terrible at pub quizzes. The pressure gets to me and my brain flat lines. But if you can remember which date Agent Cooper cruised into town and who sang about Sycamore Trees then why not go along and try to win a Twin Peaks themed prize? Hosted by the SRSLY podcast and again located at The Book Club in Shoreditch. Teams of up to 6 people on May 9th. Advanced tickets are only £3 and can be purchased here.

Lynchian Mystery Theatre: The Frost Connection

A free (yes please) BYOB (even better) event at The Muse Gallery, Portobello Road on May 22nd. As well as an exclusive public premiere of the first episode of the new Season, the evening will showcase the more obscure collaborative work of Lynch/Frost including a screening of the hysterical comedy On The Air. Cherry pie and coffee will be served too! More information can be found here.

Fire Walk With Me Screening

Picturehouse Central is my favourite cinema in London - the venue is fittingly Twin Peaks with wood panelling and a chevron floor in the lobby. Join them on the eve of the return (May 20th) for a screening of Lynch's prequel film Fire Walk With Me in 4K restoration. It's a great experience seeing it on the big screen and the bar at Picturehouse Central serves an excellent espresso martini. Costumes and logs are welcome. Buy tickets in advance here.

Postcards from Twin Peaks

If you're not London based and can't make it along to any of the above I have one last thing to promote which you can enjoy from any corner of the world. I'm currently reading a book of Twin Peaks poetry written by the host of The Double R Club, Benjamin Louche. Often read aloud at The Double R Club, I've always found his Twin Peaks poetry enthralling (I posted his Ballad of The Blue Rose a few month back). You can purchase this wonderful, mysterious collection of 'Peaksie' poetry from the Double R Club Shop for only £7!

I'm determined to make May a month of Twin Peaks celebrating. Cherry pie, doughnuts and coffee will be consumed in massive, massive quantities. Badalamenti will be whirling around my record player and perhaps finally I will play my original Twin Peaks board game. The stars are aligning and the log will be speaking soon...

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