Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Twin Peaks Tattoo

I always knew that when I got a tattoo for the first time it would express my love for Twin Peaks. Although I have an impulsive nature it took years for me to commit but I finally did it. It helps that my sister is a training stick n’ poke tattoo artist and in need of skin to practice on! Hand poking is the traditional, back to basics method using a single hand held needle. Despite being an ancient art form the hand poke tattoo is experiencing a surge in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Hand poking is far gentler than the machine needles commonly used in tattoo parlours and the results are very delicate and organic in style.

I knew I wanted something which would not necessarily be wholly obvious to the average (non-Peakie) person and have always loved the owl cave symbol. My sister is especially fond of tiny, simple designs and once we had agreed how small to go she planted a transfer onto the wrist of my right arm and got to work. I had drunk a few glasses of prosecco to calm my nerves but it was immensely pain free and a great experience. 30 mins later and my baby Twin Peaks tattoo was finished. I’m delighted with it and love that to some it just looks like a pretty geometric shape. But to others it is instantly recognisable as the Twin Peaks symbol – almost like a Bookhouse Boy’s secret seal of Peakie approval.

I’ve considered getting the mantra ‘Fire Walk With Me’ permanently inked somewhere on my body but considering what this meant to The One Armed Man and that he subsequently removed his arm for it, would that be terribly wrong? I can’t decide…

If you’re London or Brighton based and interested in getting a stick n’ poke tattoo for yourself, you can find my sister’s work on Instagram: @sorcha_bee

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