Tuesday, 21 February 2017

RIP Warren Frost

I couldn’t believe it on Saturday morning when I woke up to read that Warren Frost, the father of Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost, had passed away. He had suffered with ill health for a while and had reached the grand old age of 91. Warren played the caring and kind Doctor Will Hayward on Twin Peaks and reprised his role for the soon to be aired new series. Mark Frost made a statement when the news was announced:

“We’re saddened today to announce the passing of our dear old dad, Warren Frost. From the Normandy shores on D-Day to his 50 year career on stage and screen, he remained the same humble guy from Vermont who taught us that a life devoted to telling the right kind of truths can make a real difference in the lives of others. We're grateful to have shared him with the world for as long as we did.” 

I am sure his family, friends and cast mates will miss him dearly and my thoughts go out to Mark Frost.

Warren Frost's character on Twin Peaks always brought so much comfort and reason to the bizarre town and I get the strong impression that Warren and Doctor Hayward shared the same warmth. My favourite scene from The Missing Pieces (the deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me) is without a doubt when Laura, in the days before her death, speaks with Doc Hayward in the Hayward family home and he shows her the paternal love she so tragically missed in life. Warren brought genuine empathy and kindness to the role of Doc Hayward.

If you would like to honour Warren's memory, Mark has suggested making a donation to the Motion Picture and Television Fund, specifically the Alzheimer's division known as 'Harry's Haven'. The family hope to be able to dedicate a room in the haven to Warren. Simply head to the MPTF website here and select 'In Memory Of' as the type of donation tribute and then enter Warren Frost as a tribute recipient name.

RIP Warren Frost.

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