Friday, 13 January 2017

2017 - That Gum You Like Is Nearly Back In Style

Greetings from London and a belated Happy New Year! I have been terribly quiet on the blog front recently - December was a busy month of finishing up work at my old job, moving house and throwing myself into festive activities. It's been a leisurely start to the year for me as I have taken January off work before starting a new job at the end of the month. As I write this snow is falling onto the terrace of my new home and I have decided instead of bracing the cold to go to the gym, I'll top up my coffee and stay cozy!

I had a wonderful day yesterday - my sister and her boyfriend came over and we drank coffee, ate doughnuts and listened to the Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl. I am thrilled Death Waltz Records will be releasing another beautiful, special edition vinyl of the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. Due to be released on 25th January. I cannot wait to add it to my collection. I especially love the FWWM music and the design looks stunning.

As we chatted over coffee I began preparing dinner straight from Lindsey Bowden's marvellous Twin Peaks recipe book Damn Fine Cherry Pie. You must get yourself a copy (available from Amazon). The book is beautifully laid out with great photographs and amazing tips on throwing a Twin Peaks themed dinner party. It features cocktails, snacks, desserts, doughnuts, hearty main courses, side dishes and of course a cherry pie recipe. I attempted Doc Hayward's 'Diet' Lasagne and it turned out wonderfully. Instead of meat and pasta, it uses aubergine and pumpkin (although I did substitute this for butternut squash as there was no pumpkin to be found in my local shop). The dish features a lot of cheese hence the quotation marks around the word diet but a fantastic dinner dish it proved to be. The recipe was clear and simple and I was thrilled with the results. I'm looking forward to trying out more recipes as I am sure I will be hosting a few Twin Peaks themed evenings this year...

Speaking of this year, it is finally, really, truly happening again! We now have an official airing date for the new season of Twin Peaks. May 21st 2017. As a UK viewer I assume I will be staying up very late to watch if it is possible to view simultaneously with the USA. If not, then as soon as it is available here I will be viewing using Now TV. Now TV is a very reasonably priced subscription service I've had for a while which includes Sky channels which will be showing the new series. I highly recommend getting it. And if you're due a new phone contract speak to Vodafone as they offered me a free subscription with my new upgrade.

It's going to be an epic year for us Peakies. My resolutions include drinking coffee daily (easy to achieve but I must buy some decaffe for evening viewings of the new series), to cook more from Damn Fine Cherry Pie, to keep up with my blog posts and to immerse myself in all things Twin Peaks. Happy new year Peakies!

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