Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Secret History of Twin Peaks Available This Week!

Can you believe that after a 25 year wait new Twin Peaks material has been released? I am still pinching myself despite counting down the days since the release date was set. THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS by Mark Frost (writer and co-creator of Twin Peaks) promises to divulge serious information on the world of Twin Peaks and somewhat fill in the gaps over the last 25 years before the new series hits our screens next year.

I was going to wait for my book to be delivered by Amazon and was going to sit down uninterrupted with some hot, black coffee and a doughnut to pour over the pages but I simply cannot help myself. I can't wait a second longer. I have no control when it comes to Twin Peaks. So, I downloaded the audio book this morning before leaving the house and managed to take in 45 minutes of it on my way to work. Here's a great tip: sign up to Audible's free 30 day trial and you can download The Secret History of Twin Peaks completely free!

I promise not to divulge any spoilers on my blog without prior warning. I hope you all enjoy reading or listening to the book around the world and thank you Mark Frost for giving us this very special gift.

And as if today couldn't get any better, SHOWTIME have shared this incredible sneak peek at the new Twin Peaks season 3. It gave me chills watching it. It really makes me think the new series is going to be absolutely extraordinary!

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