Friday, 16 September 2016

Ballad Of The Blue Rose - A Poem By Benjamin Louche

Last night I left London and stepped into a Lynchian dreamland. The Double R Club were celebrating their 7th Birthday and put on a spectacular show. A highlight was this poem written by our fuckin' suave host Benjamin Louche. The subject being the mysterious blue rose. I woke up this morning desperate to hear it once again and thought it too good not to share...

Ballad Of The Blue Rose

What makes a rose blue, and what meaning therein?
Grown behind picket fence or worn on a pin,
Can a rose feel sorrow? Can its petals fall like tears?
Can the colour blue hold significance? Can its thorns prick out your fears?

Can they prick your thumbs in warning, that something wicked comes?
Something quite against all nature, something impossible that numbs
all your ability to differentiate between the waking world and dreams?
A thing that doesn't belong, yet ever closer than it seems.

For meaning lies in everything, in blinking eyes, in sour face,
In the thread they used to alter the dress, in Lil walking in Place,
But what secrets use the bluest rose for their habitat?
What secrets? Oh, I'm sorry child, but I can't tell you that.

But if you listen oh so carefully, when the nightsea wind doth blow,
You may hear the blue rose singing, and if you do then you will know...

This poem will be published in Voices In The Red Velvet Elsewhere: Vol 2.
Volume 1 which features more musings, imaginings and perverse prose is available to purchase from The Double R Club's online shop here.

To learn more about the author, visit Louche's website.
For Double R Club news and events visit

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