Monday, 25 April 2016

Copenhagen's Log Lady Café

Copenhagen is a wonderful city in Denmark where you can see most of the sights in a day by bike and scoff sweet cinnamon buns for breakfast. Apparently its the happiest place to live in Europe and I certainly recommend a visit after my recent weekend away with a couple of girlfriends from my university days. It also boasts a Twin Peaks inspired bar called The Log Lady Café and there was no way I could leave without a visit.

The Log Lady Café of Copenhagen

After sharing a bottle of fizz in our Air BnB apartment the three of us jumped in an Uber (thrilled we could use this abroad) headed straight for The Log Lady. Open till late, this Café come Bar was busy with local hipsters sat around candle lit tables and propping up the small central bar. A taxidermy owl sat impressively overseeing the action and dear Catherine Coulson's portrait as her iconic character, The Log Lady, was framed on the wall.

We love you Log Lady

We swiftly ordered some Gin and Tonics (an espresso martini would have been more appropriate but there didn't seem to be a cocktail menu) and moved through to the more atmospheric back room. The dark, candlelit room at the back is stuffed with squashy armchairs and chaise lounge and the walls are painted to look as if you are sitting in the middle of the woods. It felt as though we were in a combination of One Eyed Jack's amongst the trees... Amazingly, you could smoke back there in the 'woods' and the clouds of smoke added to the spooky ambiance. Little tree stumps were littered around to balance drinks on and a red curtain led to a chevron floored corridor, exactly like the black lodge.

My chevron shoes to match!
The Log Lady Café is a small, lively bar for coffee during the day and DJs and drinks at night. I wouldn't be surprised if many of its visitors weren't familiar with Twin Peaks as the themeing was subtle but for a big fan like myself it was a treat to soak up the atmosphere and appreciate that Twin Peak's influence can be found in all corners of the world. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Copenhagen!

Riding bikes in Copenhagen. The best way to see the city.

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