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What Will Season 3 Bring? My Predictions.

I wish to start this post by sincerely stating that if it weren't for this blog, I would choose not to give the new season too much thought. I trust that when the creative minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost collide, the result will be perfect and more bizarre than my average mind can muster. However, for the sake of blog upkeep, I will attempt to make some speculations and by 2016/17 we will all know how close to the truth I was...

The opening sequence is iconic and so utterly perfect. And the new series is a continuation, not a remake. There is absolutely no reason for the opening titles to change in anyway and I do not doubt for a second that they would. Sherilyn Fenn herself remarked at comic con that she highly doubted Lynch would alter them and I sure hope not.

I am no prude. Trust. But some of the things I see on mainstream television at a reasonable hour shocks even me! Have you seen an episode of Game of Thrones?! Characters have serious intellectual conversations in all kinds of explicit naked positions. It aint the twin beds and no feet off the ground of the 50s anymore. Everything goes.
Twin Peaks was filled with lust, affairs, romance and was incredibly sexy! But compared to what is now accepted on TV, it is tame in comparison. Lynch's film Fire Walk With Me on the other hand, was ultimately more raunchy and explicit. It had good reason to be - the book 'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer' goes to dark, twisted erotic places and Laura writes about them without holding back. The bones of her tragedy was sexual abuse at the hands of her father from the age of 12 and Fire Walk With Me turns a mirror to this directly.
Lynch was free to do what he wanted without the restraints from the television networks and I predict that season 3 will have the freedom to be more explicit, yet will remain dignified, classy and would never flaunt erotica and nudity without a reasonable context.

This may seem obvious, but I find that I mostly concentrate on and celebrate the quirks, the style, the quotes, the characters, the cherry pie, the coffee, the doughnuts, the beauty of Twin Peaks. It's only when I go back to re-watch episodes or re-watch Fire Walk With Me that I remember how god damn terrifying it was! I am completely over sensitive to horror as I seldom watch scary films but I remember when I watched Twin Peaks for the first time, I would have endless nights without sleeping. Lying awake, my heart thumping, I could not bare to close my eyes because the vision of Bob terrified me so much. It still does! I once went into school, having not slept a wink through fear, and saw some red curtains in the assembly hall and felt like I was in a dream. Twin Peaks was downright disturbing at times. And I think I need to prepare myself for new horrors and shocks that await in season 3.

The cruelest joke life plays on us is age. And the fact is that 25 years later, all of those fresh, Hollywood faces are looking much more mature. Hollywood is renowned for being a sexist, ageist beast. Maggie Gyllenhall recently spoke out for being told she was too old at the age of 37 to be cast as a 55 year old man's love interest! But the aging of the cast members will not matter one bit in season 3. Lynch has always featured people of every age imaginable in his films. Remember Mayor Milford and Mrs Tremond? Just two of many examples of elderly cast members featured in the show in incredibly well cast and well written roles! Twin Peaks will never resemble the kind of casts we are used to seeing today in which everyone is beautiful and pristine and below the age of 50. The maturity of the cast who will return after 25 years will be treated as normally and as dignified as ageing should be and it will be refreshing to see.

Frank Silva's iconic portrayal of Killer Bob was such a perfect mistake, incredibly memorable and steeped with legend. For those unfamiliar with the story, Frank Silva (who sadly passed away in 1995) was working as a Props Master and Set Decorator on the Twin Peaks pilot when Lynch came up with the vision of casting him in the show.

I just cannot imagine for a second that they would re-cast someone to portray him. It will be interesting to see if technology gives them the means to bring the character back to life using CGI and old footage.

Twin Peaks was amazingly stylish. Sadly, Patricia Norris, Oscar winning costume designer and life long Lynch collaborator passed away in February. She dressed the townsfolk of Twin Peaks impeccably. Vogue is desperate to remain relevant with pop culture and this year featured Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones in full Daenerys platinum wig on the cover. I predict plaid and saddle shoes will be making a come back next year...

Vogue Australia Twin Peaks Inspired Shoot From 2011

When Twin Peaks first aired in 1989, Lynch and Frost broke all television boundaries. Twin Peaks was so unusual compared to what viewers were used to and they were shocked. The network executives tried their hardest to control what was being made and keep it as conservative and normal as possible but the clever producers went as far as sending them fake scripts to get them off their backs. I am currently reading a brilliant book, 'An Oral History of Twin Peaks' by Brad Dukes, and in it, Al Strobel/The One Armed Man remembers the executives on set outright refusing to allow them to film him wearing just a towel for the scene in which he gets busted in the motel having just come out the shower. They did not like the idea of a half naked amputee at all! But luckily David Lynch was allowed the final say and the scene went ahead. It was the network who coerced them into revealing who killed Laura Palmer so prematurely... Although they won the battle against the network with enough to make the series the groundbreaking masterpiece that it is, there was enough control to prevent it from growing into what it should have really been. This time around, I predict that they will be given all of the creative freedom they deserve and it will break down television boundaries and make history one more time.

I hope you enjoyed reading my predictions... I cannot wait to see the new series. It's hard being patient. I would love to hear your own predictions - what do you think season 3 will bring? How do you imagine the characters lives have turned out? Please make your predicitions in the comment section below or tweet me @IshbelBeeson! When the new series is finally aired we can look back and see how inaccurate we were!

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