Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What Will Season 3 Bring? My Predictions.

I wish to start this post by sincerely stating that if it weren't for this blog, I would choose not to give the new season too much thought. I trust that when the creative minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost collide, the result will be perfect and more bizarre than my average mind can muster. However, for the sake of blog upkeep, I will attempt to make some speculations and by 2016/17 we will all know how close to the truth I was...

The opening sequence is iconic and so utterly perfect. And the new series is a continuation, not a remake. There is absolutely no reason for the opening titles to change in anyway and I do not doubt for a second that they would. Sherilyn Fenn herself remarked at comic con that she highly doubted Lynch would alter them and I sure hope not.

I am no prude. Trust. But some of the things I see on mainstream television at a reasonable hour shocks even me! Have you seen an episode of Game of Thrones?! Characters have serious intellectual conversations in all kinds of explicit naked positions. It aint the twin beds and no feet off the ground of the 50s anymore. Everything goes.
Twin Peaks was filled with lust, affairs, romance and was incredibly sexy! But compared to what is now accepted on TV, it is tame in comparison. Lynch's film Fire Walk With Me on the other hand, was ultimately more raunchy and explicit. It had good reason to be - the book 'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer' goes to dark, twisted erotic places and Laura writes about them without holding back. The bones of her tragedy was sexual abuse at the hands of her father from the age of 12 and Fire Walk With Me turns a mirror to this directly.
Lynch was free to do what he wanted without the restraints from the television networks and I predict that season 3 will have the freedom to be more explicit, yet will remain dignified, classy and would never flaunt erotica and nudity without a reasonable context.