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Twin Peaks Gift Guide!

Is there a Twin Peaks obsessive in your life who you want to spoil? Or more likely, YOU are a Twin Peaks obsessive and that is why you are reading my blog. In that case, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... Every day, once a day, give yourself a present! And here is my guide to the perfect Peaky presents... I hope you enjoy it - let me know if you have stumbled upon any great merchandise or Twin Peaks gifts. I'll add them to my wish list!

Twin Peaks Inspired Watch

I have no idea if the designer of this watch was deliberately paying homage to Twin Peaks but it sure looks like a watch straight out of The Black Lodge. To the non-Peaks obsessed this is a stylish and functional watch perfect for every day wear and a real statement. To us this is the only Twin Peaks watch worth wearing! Available here from Komono

Twin Peaks Tarot Cards

Twin Peaks Tarot Cards by Claire Laffar
My older sister indulged in a set of these incredible Twin Peaks tarot cards at the Twin Peaks UK Festival a couple of years ago. We met the extraordinarily talented Claire Laffar who has designed and illustrated each one herself - what a talent! They are so intricately detailed and unique. My sister is very restrictive about letting people even touch them but did ask Dana Ashbrook to sign the Bobby Briggs card last year... Worth every penny and available on Etsy!

The Twin Peaks UK Festival Tickets

My tickets proudly displayed - cannot wait for this year's fest!

This is an unmissable event for UK (or European) Peakies! I have attended four times and it just gets better and better each year. The organizers truly put their heart and souls into providing the best Twin Peaks experience imaginable - screenings, meet & greets with the stars, performances, doughnuts, coffee and so much more! This year's festival is (for the first time ever) held over an entire weekend in Genesis cinema in East London on October 3rd & 4th. Tickets are available direct from their website and are selling fast! 

Twin Peaks Cards Against Humanity

This is such a hilarious game to play round the dinner table when your bellies are full and your glass of prosecco is fuller! Now you can make it Twin Peaks themed with this fabulous stack of cards. I need these in my life! 

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer & The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

The accompaniment books are really great reads and essential for any Twin Peaks fan's collection! The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer was written by David Lynch's daughter Jennifer Lynch and was a best seller when originally published after season 1 had aired. Jennifer really captures Laura's spirit perfectly and it is a compelling, sad and disturbing read. Coop's autobiography was penned by Scott Frost, the brother of Mark Frost (co-creator of Twin Peaks). Again, it features some heavy and disturbing content and is a real page turner. Set long before the events that took place in Twin Peaks, it provides a significant insight into Cooper's life. Available on Amazon!

"This Would Look Nice On Your Wall..." Print

Own the exact print from Fire Walk With Me!
An exact replica of the unsettling print the mysterious Mrs Tremond gives dear Laura in Fire Walk With Me. Give with caution though... Although I think this is a really cool item and I'm sure many would love, there is no way I would be able to sleep with this in my bedroom!!! Buy here from Etsy.

Heart Shaped Necklace

"Now my heart belongs to you..."
Remember the heart shaped necklace Laura and secret boyfriend James Hurley shared? "Now my heart belongs to you..." she said in a ridiculously over the top romantic flashback. What a great gift for a loved one who loves Twin Peaks. You can find these in many high street jewelers and from Amazon. I found one in Claire's Accessories a few years ago and gave it to my best friend for her birthday. I even hollowed out a coconut and put it inside like a Dr. Jacoby inspired gift box!

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee

If you are a Twin Peaks fan, then you must also be a coffee drinker. It's fundamental! David Lynch now produces his very own brand of coffee and I can tell you, it's damn fine! But a little pricier than your usual run of the mill stuff so it makes the perfect indulgent present. Buy direct from the man himself here.

The Entire Mystery

The most up to date and ultimate Twin Peaks DVD box set in High Definition Blu-ray featuring all episodes, Fire Walk With Me and nearly 90 minutes of never before seen, deleted footage! It is beautifully presented and also includes some new featurettes with David Lynch and The Palmer family. I sadly still only have the now old, gold edition box set and am in desperate need to upgrade!

Available from Amazon!

Twin Peaks High School Sweatshirt

Enjoying a damn fine cup of coffee in my souvenir cup from the Twin Peaks Festival
 and wearing my Laura Palmer sweater!
For my 21st birthday my best friend forever Sarah (seen below left dressed as Josie Packard!) bought me a Laura Palmer Twin Peaks High School Phys Ed Department hoodie. I still love it! It's gorgeously cozy and I love wearing it out and people remarking on it when they too share a love for Twin Peaks. I wore it to the festival that year as I had the blonde Laura hair to match! You can purchase them from cafĂ© press here.

Sarah, Me and Melissa attending the Twin Peaks UK Festival 2011, wearing my TP hoodie! © She.Brown

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