Friday, 19 June 2015

The 6th Annual Miss Twin Peaks Contest

Something I absolutely adore about living in London is that no matter what your likes and interests are, you will be able to indulge them. Even if that passion happens to be a little more on the obscure/niche side... On Thursday I rushed home from work to beat my face, throw on an old lady grey wig and jump in a taxi to Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club for an evening of Lynchian cabaret and burlesque hosted by The Double R Club – it was the evening of The 6th Annual Miss Twin Peaks Contest and it was an absolute riot!

The Miss Twin Peaks Contest is an anti-pageant in which the contestants compete for the title of Miss Twin Peaks (and the glittering crown that comes with it!). Each of the unique performances were inspired by the strange and beautiful world of David Lynch and the evening was hosted by award winning cabaret host, Mr ‘So Fuckin Suave’ himself, Benjamin Louche. Louche was thoroughly compelling, entertaining and humorous and is the perfect compère for the contest.

The Double R Club are a London based Lynchian cabaret and burlesque troupe. I had seen a few of their performances before at the Twin Peaks UK Festival but never in their own environment and they did not disappoint! From start to finish it was a gloriously good evening. The contest was judged by previous winners, including famous London drag queen Meth. The rapport the judges had with one another and the hosts was really amusing - they are obviously a tight knit bunch and it was lovely to spend some time in what felt like their 'home'.

On arrival we were welcomed  by one of their glamorous assistants, dressed in a gorgeous costume exactly like the girls from One Eyed Jack’s wear in Twin Peaks, and offered doughnuts. A smokey haze filled the room and the stage was lit up by a red love heart. Music from Lynch’s films played, intermixed with soundbites of dialogue – the atmosphere was incredibly dark and wonderful.

I found myself watching the performances with my jaw on the floor. There was comedy, lip-syncing, live singing, musicians, ballet, fire, egg eating and a whole lot of nipple tassels. Each performance was amazingly well produced and showcased some serious talent. The crown was deservedly given to Laura Moody who stole the show with her avant-garde cello and vocal performance. You absolutely MUST check her out on her website linked here – I have never heard anything like it and it was utterly incredible.

Punters are encouraged to attend the show in Lynchian fancy dress and my Mrs Tremond costume went down quite well! At the start of the evening I was given a blue rose and halfway through the night all of the audience members who had been presented with one were asked to get up on the stage to be judged on their costumes. Some friends I know from the Twin Peaks Festival who always come up with the best costumes looked amazing as Marietta Fortune from Wild At Heart (her face smothered in red lipstick) and Leo Johnson (complete with dressing gown and spider booby trap!). It was bloody nerve wracking standing up there for so long, especially with Meth sat right in front of the stage. I am completely enamored with drag queens and Meth is pretty damn famous in the drag world. 1st prize was well deserved by a woman who really thought outside the box and had turned a boiler suit into the ‘Lost Highway’, complete with little cars. I was thrilled to come in 3rd place and went home with a bag of goodies including an owl emery board, shot of coffee vodka and nude Double R Club charity calendar!
Serving Mrs Tremond Realness!
All of the acts were superb. It PISSES ME OFF that garbage national talent shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent exist, displaying so much utter rubbish when there is so much real, raw, intelligent talent out there! If you are a Twin Peaks fan you must go to see a Double R Club performance – they are performing for 2 nights at London Wonderground this Summer and I cannot recommend them enough for a thrilling, fun, entertaining, Lynchian evening. Thank you Double R Club for a great night. I'm already looking forward to attending again next year!

All my swagoo from coming 3rd in the costume contest!

Many thanks to Juliet Shalam for giving permission to use her beautiful photos!


Tom Harlow
Havana Hurricane
Carmen Mon Oxide
Sarah Louise-Young
Laura Moody
Vivid Angel
Rhyannon Styles

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