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How To Host A Twin Peaks Party!

Twin Peaks is a great theme for a party and what better time to celebrate then now? It's the 25th anniversary and we've all been blessed with the good news that Twin Peaks will be soon to return to our screens. In my 3rd year of university myself and some friends got together for a little Twin Peaks dinner followed by a screening of Fire Walk With Me and it was so much fun! 

Here are some ideas and tips for you to host your own Twin Peaks party - I hope you will feel inspired. I'd love to hear from you if you do or if you have some great ideas of your own to share. Comment below or tweet me some pics! @TheBlueRoseBlog

Dress Code

There are so many great characters that are fun to dress up as and if you have some extra creative friends who love fancy dress this should be encouraged! I've seen some amazing costumes at the Twin Peaks UK Festival: FBI Agents, Log Ladies, diner waitresses, owls, even a human ceiling fan! Make sure there is a prize for the winner: eBay is full of Twin Peaks mugs, badges, tee shirts and other great gift ideas.

Laura Palmer realness - very difficult to see with
these contact lenses in! And a wig even worse than the one she wore in FWWM...
 Plaid shirts at the Twin Peaks Festival 2013 - with Ian Buchanan, Charlotte Stewart and mega babe M├Ądchen Amick

If you are short for time or don't want to be too elaborate, it's also easy to simply dress in the style - one year a group of us attended the festival all wearing plaid shirts and it looked really good!
Or pop into a local vintage clothing shop and you will be spoiled for choice. Anything that looks 90s or 80s will be perfect. Channel Catherine Martell in power shoulder pads or Lucy the receptionist in an oversized jumper.

My favourite places to find vintage clothing online:

Beyond Retro

Decorations & Atmosphere

There are some great Twin Peaks playlists on Spotify already that you can take advantage of but if you are making your own be sure to include the soundtrack music by brilliant composer Angelo Badalamenti, Julee Cruise's albums The Voice of Love and Floating Into The Night and even the music of director David Lynch himself.

Project Twin Peaks above the party using a projector - this would be the perfect backdrop.

Print out Laura Palmer's prom photo and display it on a mantel piece or side table in a gold frame. Stick extracts from Laura Palmer's Secret Diary around the room, as well as other mysterious notes from the show...

Hang some red fabric across the door way into your party so guests feel as if they are stepping into the Black Lodge or if you are ambitious you could try recreating the Black Lodge itself in your living room!


Now we all know how important it is to treat yourself to a, excuse me, damn fine cup of coffee! But coffee is always best served at the end of dinner or if you are having a boozey party, maybe not at all! In which case, you have no excuse but to whip up some Espresso Martinis as a substitute.

Cooper's Off-Duty Espresso Martini (Serves 1)

50ml premium quality vodka
35ml coffee liqueur
1 shot (25ml) of David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Espresso (or other espresso of your choice) 

Fill a martini glass with ice to chill.
Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice.
Shake it up! Make sure the ice all smashes up to give it a nice, frothy top.
Strain out the contents directly into your martini glass and garnish with 3 small coffee beans.


At our Twin Peaks dinner we served fish (fresh from the percolator!) with some vegetables and garmonbozia - more commonly known as creamed corn. I made a simple white sauce and mixed in the sweetcorn. It's indulgent American comfort food at its finest!

I want all my Garmonbozia!
Dessert couldn't be anything other than RR Diner special Cherry Pie. Many big supermarkets now sell these freshly made in their bakery sections but you can easily find great cherry pie recipes online if you are a keen baker.

Doughnuts at the Twin Peaks UK Festival 2011 ©She.Brown 

No Twin Peaks party would be complete without some perfectly stacked doughnuts - the superfood of sheriffs! And if that isn't enough sweet treats for you, I was inspired by some gorgeous cupcakes someone made for the Twin Peaks UK Festival in 2011. I love that chocolate flakes were used for mini logs - so cute!

Twin Peaks Cupcakes at The Twin Peaks UK Festival 2011 ©She.Brown 


Of course you will be tempted to sit down and screen a few episodes. If you decide to screen Fire Walk With Me I think you might be in need of some light relief afterwards...! I found this Twin Peaks themed Cards Against Humanity game online and think it would make the perfect post-screening or post-dinner game. You can purchase it online from Etsy here.

Or maybe you own an original Twin Peaks board game? I've never even seen one and would do anything to play it. I'm hoping with the new episodes coming out maybe a Twin Peaks Monopoly will be produced...

Enjoy your parties and make sure you comment below with all of your own great ideas!

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